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Discover the lightest and brightest LED Surgical head light available today!

The perfect synergy between illumination, comfort, and 360° freedom of movement

NO Bulky battery belt - NO Dangling wires - NO expensive replacement bulbs

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Beam Focus


Dimming Control


Headband Adjustments


Battery Gauge

Your next step in surgical excellence...

Surgeons, dentists, doctors and veterinarians can rely on the Lunar cordless head light for ease of focus in all medical and surgical procedures.

Portable, reliable and cable free

Ultra comfortable at an affordable price

Super Bright at 200,000 lux

Adjustable brightness and focus

Up to 15 hours battery life

Dual Lithium polymer batteries

Super lightweight at 400 grams

Best on the market - favoured by leading NHS and private hospitals

" The headlight provides a major improvement on the cord-dependent light sources, The halo is light and comfortable. The light assembly frame is unobstrusive, sufficiently stiff to prevent shake, and the beam is sufficient for coronary work. The assembly did not interfere with my loupes and adjustment by the theatre staff when sterile was easy to accomplish. It’s clearly defined circular beam is not as wide as others in the marketplace, but this is actually an advantage, as it contributes to the surgeon’s attention on the dissecting area. No one trod on my light cable because there was none, and moving around the operating theatre table was a much easier manoevre!

Dr. A Marath MBBS MS FRCSE, Cardiac Surgeon